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Wimax Gloves
wimax gloves

Wimax nitrile powder free nonsterile hand gloves are powder free, allergy safe and are 100% synthetic nitrile gloves that has smooth and textured surface for better grip. These gloves are perfect for health care workers and use on patients having latex allergy. WiMax gloves are very affordable, comfortable, and up to 3 times stronger than other latex gloves. These gloves are puncture resistance which means better protection. You can buy these gloves in different sizes and colors which range from small to extra-large. Nitrile gloves are strong, durable, and have textured fingertips for better grip. These gloves provide better protection to health care workers, veterinarians, biotechnologists, and associated staff. The gloves are also chemical and solvent resistant. Workers can wear them for long hours as they do not cause any allergic reaction to their hands.