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Tips For Navigating Your Telehealth Visits
telehealth visits
Embrace Life Medical Supplies Team | Posted On: October 21, 2021

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, many patients are nervous about seeing their doctor in person. Older people or those with underlying medical conditions may not want to expose themselves to potentially sick people in a doctor’s office or hospital setting. Telehealth is a perfect opportunity to allow patients to still speak with their doctors and make sure their medical needs are being met. However, there are some pitfalls to avoid when having a telehealth appointment with your doctor. Follow these tips to make sure your telehealth appointments are a success

Make Sure Insurance Will Cover Your Visit

Some insurance companies are picky about what type of telehealth visits they will cover or how many. Some insurance companies do not want patients to see a health provider several times via telehealth. In other cases, your insurance company may only cover a doctor’s visit if it is related to a possible COVID-19 infection to help prevent COVID patients from going in person to doctor’s offices. You can usually find information about what type of telehealth visits will be covered by your plan in your online portal or by simply calling your insurance company and speaking with a representative.

Pick a Comfortable Place To Have Your Visit

Just like with any other virtual meeting or video chat session, you will want to be in a quiet place with a strong internet connection for your visit. It can be very frustrating to have a computer screen freeze or to not be able to hear what the doctor is saying because of background noise. Another concern you should keep in mind is privacy. You will want to make sure your conversation with the doctor is not being overheard by anyone who you do not consent to know about your medical information. Finally, make sure the area is well lit so your provider can see you clearly

Keep your Medication Handy

It is a good idea to make sure any medication you are taking or medical devices you are using are close at hand during your visit. That way if your doctor has a question you can hold up the medication or device to your web camera for them to see it. Your provider may also ask you to take a reading for a health condition, such as blood sugar or blood pressure, during the visit.

Close Down All Other Apps

Many people will have multiple browser windows or apps running in the background on their device at once. These apps can interfere with the software you are using for your telehealth appointment with your doctor, or they can just be distracting. You will want to make sure you are giving your doctor your full attention during your appointment. Close down all non essential apps for the duration of your visit to limit distractions and any apps that may interfere with the quality of your visit.

Navigating telehealth visits during these unusual times can be tricky. While telehealth exams often can’t take the place of an in person visit, you may be able to get crucial questions answered while staying safe at home.